14 awesome funny Welsh gifts to buy

If you are looking for inspiration for funny Welsh gifts, we at Gifts with heart have compiled a list of fourteen helpful hints. From comical t-shirts, humorous Welsh plaques to much more there is something for everyone and these hilarious presents are ideal for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. So if you can’t find that perfect present for a person that is a bit of a joker then we hope our list will spark the fire.

I'll do it now in a minute welsh plaque

1. I’ll do it now in a minute slate plaque

The classic Welsh contradiction, ‘I’ll do it now in a minute‘ laser engraved onto Welsh slate, with a Celtic pattern surround.

2. Engraved Welsh cheese board

Welsh cheese board platter caws wooden

Why not one of these quality Welsh cheese boards? A bottle of vino and your favourite cheeses, will have you set to watch the latest blockbuster. Paying homage to Homer Simpson, but a Welsh version – Mmm cheese!

welsh slate funny plaque

3. Funny slate sign

For a Welsh slate gift look no further than Lilybel’s range of Welsh slate signs with quotes. Our choice of quote is, “I wish everything was as easy as getting fat” – but there are many more humorous sayings to choose from including the famous Welsh phrase, “I’ll do it now, in a minute”. And thanks to the sign’s weatherproof vinyl protective layer it can be hung outside the house with a guarantee of seven years – yep 7 years! The slate is hand-cut and measures approximately 9.7 X 4.7 inches.

welsh daffodil hat

 4. Welsh daffodil hat

For that much anticipated rugby match at the National Principality stadium it wouldn’t the same without the proper uniform. Armed with a Welsh rugby jersey and this wonderful Welsh daffodil hat there can be no doubt that that your loved one will be fully ready for match day.


5. Tommy Cooper All in One Joke Book: Book Joke, Joke Book?

For any Tommy Cooper fan this book will be the ideal funny Welsh gift. Alternatively, it could be the perfect opportunity to introduce a younger member of the family to the Caerphilly born comedy genius. Trust me they will be in stitches and all for only £6.99.

Funny Welsh gifts - corgi bag

 6. Funny Welsh gift – corgi bag

What about this Funny Pembroke Welsh Corgi shoulder bag? It is ecological, easy-going and stylish with an original design. The bag is made from 60% recycled organic wool and 40% recycled polyester making it the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious. At approximately 16 x 16 inches it is ideal for shopping and day trips. A great gift for the person that loves everything Welsh corgi.

welsh funny gifts yellow tie

7. Welsh Tie – “Shwmae Byt” Tie

Rest assured that the person that receives this funny gift will be the focus of every business meeting with this vibrant yellow Welsh tie. “Shwmae Byt” is Welsh slang for ‘how are you mate?’ or ‘how’s it going buddy?’ A great way to brighten up everybody’s Monday morning.

 Cwtch cushion

8. Cwtch Cushion

What about this cute lumbar cwtch cushion with the phrase “sometimes only a cwtch will do”? It is made from soft, high quality Simplex Knit Polyester and is crease free. The cushion is 33 X 53 cm, machine washable and a pillow insert is included.

welsh sheep joke card

9. Sheep joke cards

If you are searching for a sheep joke card then look no further than Gifts with heart’s selection. Perfect for putting a smile on the face of the recipient.

10. Welsh valleys humour by David Jandrell

This very amusing book written by David Jandrell based on Welsh valleys humour is sure to be familiar to people that have been brought up in the Welsh valleys or have spent some time living there. Full of fun, anecdotes, jokes and will sure to have the recipient in stitches.


Gavin and Stacey coach tour

 11. Gavin & Stacey tour for two

A fan of Gavin & Stacey will love this coach tour for two of all the famous sights from the show. But if this doesn’t suit a google search is bound to bring up t-shirts and mugs with funny quotes from the show. Truth be told, proper tidy like, you know what I mean?

12. Horrible Histories – Wales by Terry Deary

An amusing book outlining some lessor known history about Wales. It covers such pivotal events as how the Normans outsmarted the Welsh with a block of ham or how an army Welsh mums sent the French packing. Now if that’s not enough to spark your interest then I don’t know what is.

Welsh mugs Hanging out in WalesCymru mug with sheep

13. Hanging out in Wales mug

Our last but one entry in the funny Welsh gifts list. What about this funny Welsh mug, with sheep hanging on the washing line? It’s sure to have your friends laughing.

whose coat's that jacket Welsh plaque

14. Whose coat is that jacket? plaque

Whose heard this one down the local pub? A classic phrase printed on a cream wooden plaque.

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