About us

Welcome. This website is devoted to paintings, gifts, clothes and other decorative handmade things e.g. charming post-cards and designs; all to make your lives more colourful and warm. Our motto is to “create with heart” and to pay close attention to our customers’ preferences. That is why we have a wide ranging portfolio on this website with proposed styles that are available to choose. We are based in Wales and therefore
a Welsh theme runs through our gifts and art from lovespoons, to slate based products to our Welsh paintings.

Original Paintings of Wales and more

We have original paintings from landscapes to still life in all sorts of artistic styles. Our original paintings are affordable and
lovingly painted in Wales. If the price of buying an original is too much for what you have in mind then there are lots of other options such as purchasing a canvas print of one of our paintings, a mug or even a cushion with an image of ours printed on it – a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Therefore, because we have such a wide choice there is something for everybody. Thanks to our artistic experience, knowledge, craftsmanship and passion we hope to meet your expectations and taste in the best way possible.

We are a young Welsh company, but with long years of artistic and professional experience. If you would like to get in touch please use our contact form.