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Useful Welsh phrases and words

Do you have any Welsh friends? Does your partner speak the language?
Perhaps you’re planning a trip to Wales and want to learn some phrases before you go!
Or maybe someone important in your life has recently given birth.
Whatever it is that led you here, we’re delighted that you found us!

Oes gen ti unrhyw ffrindiau Cymraeg?
Ydy dy bartner yn siarad yr iaith?
Wyt ti’n trefnu trip i Gymru ac eisiau dysgu rhai ymadroddion cyn mynd?
Neu ‘falle bod rhywun sy’n bwysig i ti newydd roi genedigaeth?
Beth bynnag sydd wedi dy arwain atom, ‘dyn ni wrth ein bodd dy fod wedi ein darganfod ni!

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What is St Dwynwen's day?

What is St Dwynwen’s Day?

In Wales, there’s a unique version of St Valentine’s Day. It’s called St Dwynwen’s Day and is a happy occasion for adults and children alike. The story revolves around the Welsh patron saint of lovers or St Dwynwen, marking a day in history for love.

If you’d like to wish someone a Happy St Dwynwen’s Day, simply say, “diwrnod santes dwynwen hapus.” The pronunciation can be found in a handy video to perfect your Welsh!

St Dwynewn’s Day, called Dydd Santes Dwynwen as any bilingual person of Wales will know, is celebrated on the date of 25 January each year. The legends around it make for a most fascinating story. Discover the facts about this upbeat holiday! Continue reading “What is St Dwynwen’s Day?”

St David of Wales facts

St. David Amazing Facts

Have You ever heard of a Saint on whose shoulder a white dove – symbol of peace – landed, and then, a hillock rose beneath Him, making this miracle visible for all the people of Llanddewi Brefi? We are of course talking of the famous patron of Wales – Saint David. Let’s zoom in a bit and learn some interesting facts from His life in the sixth century. 

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