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What Is So Special About Welsh Products?

Welsh products are a great way to show your love for Wales. Whether it’s the food, the language or the culture, Welsh products have something that will appeal to everyone. They’re also perfect as gifts and souvenirs! Welsh gifts with heart is a company that specializes in providing high quality Welsh products to customers all over the world. The Welsh people have been making these items for centuries, and they are proud to be able to share them with you today!

You’ll be able to find all sorts of items from Wales in our store – from traditional foods like Welsh cheeses and bara brith to more modern items such as Welsh jewellery. We’ve got everything you need for yourself or someone else! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, just get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help out.

What makes a Welsh product so special?

Wales has a rich history of crafts, including weaving, woodwork, pottery, and more

The people of Wales have been crafting for centuries, and the tradition is still alive today. The Welsh craftsmen are known to create beautiful wooden furniture, pottery, art, and textiles from wool.

For instance, for more than 500 years, Welsh families have presented love spoons to their spouses and sweethearts as symbols of affection. Made from a single piece of wood, these spoons are traditionally carved with messages of love and given on Valentine’s Day or on the first anniversary of marriage. Welsh products are often handmade, which means they’re more unique and have a story to tell.

Welsh products are environmentally friendly

Many Welsh products are made from natural sources such as wool, slate and leather. These items are usually durable and long lasting. They also reflect a rich heritage by incorporating traditional designs with contemporary style to create pieces that will be treasured for years to come. Welsh cuisine is environmentally friendly because it is made with locally sourced ingredients, which means less carbon emissions than importing goods from far away places.

Welsh slate products

Welsh slate products

For centuries, the Welsh have been crafting slate products. Slate is a hard rock that’s found in abundance in Wales and was used by ancient Welshmen to build their homes. Today, it is still used to construct many buildings and structures across the world.

In addition to being an excellent building material, this natural stone has also become popular among modern-day homeowners who want to create unique patios or outdoor living spaces. Whether you’re looking for a fireplace mantel or simply want something stylish to accent your home exterior, there are plenty of slate options out there!

Welsh slate products are a great gift for any occasion. Our company, welsh gifts with heart, takes pride in creating unique and meaningful pieces that can be given to friends or family as a token of appreciation. We have many different options available including Welsh slates that can serve as platters, cutting boards, trays or even coasters!

The geography of Wales

Because of the geography in Wales there’s an abundance of natural resources which means everything is made from scratch right where it’s needed without any need for shipping or trade routes. The Welsh countryside is a perfect place for farming and raising livestock too.

Welsh wool is used to make some of the best blankets in the world

Well, first of all, production techniques in some traditional sectors such as the woollen trade haven’t changed much since medieval times! These craftsmen know how to make things last.

Welsh blankets are a heirloom that can be handed down for generations to come. What is so special about them? The answer is the wool used in making them. It comes from sheep raised on hillsides of Wales in harsh conditions, which makes it very strong and durable.

Show your love for Wales with these beautiful gifts! It’s not just about buying something nice – it’s about supporting a country that has been through so much hardship over the years. With every purchase, you help keep this culture alive and thriving in spite of everything they have faced.

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Welsh language tea towel. Welsh language gifts.

Useful Welsh phrases and words

Do you have any Welsh friends? Does your partner speak the language?
Perhaps you’re planning a trip to Wales and want to learn some phrases before you go!
Or maybe someone important in your life has recently given birth.
Whatever it is that led you here, we’re delighted that you found us!

Oes gen ti unrhyw ffrindiau Cymraeg?
Ydy dy bartner yn siarad yr iaith?
Wyt ti’n trefnu trip i Gymru ac eisiau dysgu rhai ymadroddion cyn mynd?
Neu ‘falle bod rhywun sy’n bwysig i ti newydd roi genedigaeth?
Beth bynnag sydd wedi dy arwain atom, ‘dyn ni wrth ein bodd dy fod wedi ein darganfod ni!

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What is St Dwynwen's day?

What is St Dwynwen’s Day?

In Wales, there’s a unique version of St Valentine’s Day. It’s called St Dwynwen’s Day and is a happy occasion for adults and children alike. The story revolves around the Welsh patron saint of lovers or St Dwynwen, marking a day in history for love.

If you’d like to wish someone a Happy St Dwynwen’s Day, simply say, “diwrnod santes dwynwen hapus.” The pronunciation can be found in a handy video to perfect your Welsh!

St Dwynewn’s Day, called Dydd Santes Dwynwen as any bilingual person of Wales will know, is celebrated on the date of 25 January each year. The legends around it make for a most fascinating story. Discover the facts about this upbeat holiday! Continue reading “What is St Dwynwen’s Day?”

St David of Wales facts

St. David Amazing Facts

Have You ever heard of a Saint on whose shoulder a white dove – symbol of peace – landed, and then, a hillock rose beneath Him, making this miracle visible for all the people of Llanddewi Brefi? We are of course talking of the famous patron of Wales – Saint David. Let’s zoom in a bit and learn some interesting facts from His life in the sixth century. 

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welsh tapestry lamp yellow Welsh homeware

12 of the best Welsh homeware gifts

We at Gifts with heart have put together the top twelve Welsh homeware gifts. We believe we’ve chosen items that not only fit in perfectly with the contemporary home, but also embody Welsh heritage. Such examples include rustic products drawn from the Welsh woollen industry, the Welsh slate industry and Welsh arts and crafts. There is an emphasis on handmade homeware. We have the very best online prices too with regular discount coupons available for our customers to take advantage of.

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