What is St Dwynwen's day?

What is St Dwynwen’s Day?

In Wales, there’s a unique version of St Valentine’s Day. It’s called St Dwynwen’s Day and is a happy occasion for adults and children alike. The story revolves around the Welsh patron saint of lovers or St Dwynwen, marking a day in history for love.

If you’d like to wish someone a Happy St Dwynwen’s Day, simply say, “diwrnod santes dwynwen hapus.” The pronunciation can be found in a handy video to perfect your Welsh!

St Dwynewn’s Day, called Dydd Santes Dwynwen as any bilingual person of Wales will know, is celebrated on the date of 25 January each year. The legends around it make for a most fascinating story. Discover the facts about this upbeat holiday! Continue reading “What is St Dwynwen’s Day?”