Cwtch cushions

Cwtch cushion

The popular Cwtch cushion is a gift that has become a familiar feature in many homes throughout Wales and further afield.

We stock a wide variety of cushions at a low price  in our shop. We sell cushions that are handmade in Wales and beautifully embroidered with the word Cwtch. However, we do list other options in our Welsh shop that are printed and priced lower.

Cwtch meaning

So what exactly does Cwtch mean? Well it’s a Welsh language word for cuddle, It also means a cubbyhole or similar small place.

Cariad cushion

In addition we sell other cushions with Welsh words that have been embroidered or printed onto cushions. For instance, the cariad cushion is a popular cushion and can be found in many Welsh households.

Cartref cushion

A great gift to give when somebody moves to a new home is a catref cushion. However, it doesn’t have to be a new home; it could be given to somebody on their return home from a long absence, such as, a trip abroad or a stay at a hospital. Or perhaps a gift to a person that loves home and treats it like a sanctuary from the outside world.

Cwtch gifts

A Cwtch cushion is not only option when it comes to cwtch gifts. We at Gifts with heart stock a wide variety of cwtch themed gifts. From plaques to mugs, we offer a lot of choice at affordable prices and rapid delivery.

Welsh dragon cushion

Perhaps the most popular of Welsh cushions, is of course the Welsh dragon cushion. The very important symbol for Wales is often chosen to adorn cushion designs whether the material is Welsh tapestry, Welsh tartan or simply a plain cotton design. We have the option where your dragon cushion can be personalised if needed, to add that extra special touch.

Specific Welsh cushion requirements

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or specific requirements and we will do our best to assist. Please contact us by telephone on the number in the header of this page or use our contact form (there is a link in the footer of this page).