Sky Blue Welsh Tapestry Oblong Cwtch Cushion


Looking for a Welsh tapestry pattern cushion?

This cwtch cushion is made with the traditional Welsh blanket pattern and embroidered with the word “cwtch” on it. It’s perfect as bed throw pillows or to keep you warm in your living room! The size is approximately 42cm x 28cm, so it’ll fit nicely on any couch or chair. And if you’re worried about backorders, don’t be – we have a timescale of one to two weeks for them. Handmade in Wales by our very own craftsmen and women!

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  • Welsh tapestry cushion
  • With embroidered cwtch writing
  • Size Approximately 42cm x 28cm
  • With internal padding
  • If backordered timescale is approximately one to two weeks


Available on backorder


Welsh tapestry cwtch cushion in sky blue