Stoneware Teapot handmade in Wales


A Welsh teapot is the perfect gift for a tea lover

This handmade pottery teapot from Wales is made of stoneware and features an ochre sgraffito design. It can be used to make your favorite cup of tea or coffee, but it also makes a lovely addition to any kitchen. The blue tone complements other ceramics in your home while still being unique enough that you won’t see it everywhere!

If you know someone who loves their morning cuppa, this is the perfect gift for them! They will love using this beautiful piece every day, and they will always think of you when they do so. You could even buy one as a housewarming present for someone new to town or as a wedding present for newlyweds!

Order yours today before we sell out!

  • Quality rustic blue/ochre sgraffito stoneware teapot
  • Lovingly handcrafted in Denbighshire Wales by Anvil Pottery
  • Height 14cm Width 23cm
  • Can compliment other stoneware products at Gifts with heart or lovely as a stand alone gift
  • An excellent Welsh kitchen accessory gift

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Blue stoneware teapot