Strawberry & Champagne Preserve


Do you love strawberries and champagne?

We do too! That’s why we stock this delicious jam that combines both of them into one jar. It’s the perfect treat for any occasion, whether it be a party or just sitting around on a lazy Sunday morning. You can even use it as an ingredient in your favorite recipes to add some extra flavor.

Welsh lady strawberry and champagne preserve is the perfect jam to add to your toast in the morning. It’s made with fresh strawberries, sweetened with sugar, and finished off with real champagne. This delicious treat will make your mornings even better!

The Jones family has been making preserves since 1966 so you know they have perfected their recipes over time. They are proud of their work and want everyone who tries it to feel the same way too!

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  • Welsh Lady Strawberry and Champagne Preserve
  • Handmade in Wales
  • 227g

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Welsh jam