Tall Celtic pattern dragon mug


Tall dragon Welsh mugs

This beautiful, traditional Welsh mug comes with a Celtic triquetra pattern at the top of the inside of it, and Celtic knotwork design on the handle. The perfect Celtic gift for you or another! This tall Bone China Mug is microwave safe and can be washed up in your dishwasher.

This is the perfect gift for someone who likes an interesting and quirky mug. And it’s a quality, trusty mug too: Bone china material guarantees it won’t break when you drop it. At 13cm with it’s beautiful design, it is sure to stand out in the cupboard at home or at the office. If you ever forget to put the kettle on or need a quick cuppa during work, then this Welsh dragon illustration, rather than any old boring logo, will be right there to remind you what they are!

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Celtic pattern dragon mug