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Calon Lan translation and facts

Calon Lan  

Calon Lan, with the exception of the Welsh National Anthem, would surely be the song that would most spring to mind when discussing Wales’ most popular national songs. It would be difficult to imagine that anybody wouldn’t be moved by a stirring rendition of the song, such as sung by Bryn Terfel and the Orchestra of the Welsh National Opera. With the lyrics expounding the thriving for a pure heart and the music comprising a beautiful emotive melody, for many Welsh people it is difficult to keep the tears at bay. With this in mind it is amazing that the song is rumoured to have been written on no more than the back of a cigarette packet in a pub. How could such an important song, to so many, have started out with such humble beginnings? This blog discusses the history of the song, it’s cultural importance in Welsh life, different Welsh musician’s versions and an English translation too.

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