Ten contemporary Welsh slate gifts ideas for the home and garden

If you are looking for a Welsh present to give to a relative or friend then why not consider a Welsh slate gift?  The reductive quality of slate blends in perfectly with modernist interior design, so it is highly likely to complement your loved ones home decor. Slate also has deep ties to the traditional Welsh homestead with it being the most commonly used material in roofing – not to mention the great many slate quarries that are scattered throughout the Welsh landscape.

For the environmentally aware slate is a completely natural material and is easily broken down and recycled. Other benefits include


  • It is durable
  • Long lived
  • Fire resistant
  • Waterproof
So with these positives in mind we have selected ten great Welsh slate gifts ideas to wet your appetite.

4 food related Welsh gifts ideas

Our first four Welsh slate gifts ideas involve food. Slate is used in the kitchen for many reasons. It is used for aesthetic purposes as it’s dark colour can provide a wonderful contrast, thereby accentuating the colour in foods such as fruit, cheeses and sushi. Slate too is a great conductor of heat and can be used as a platter to keep your food warm for plenty of time on the table (though don’t put it in the microwave). Oppositely, it can keep your food cold for a long time if you put the slate platter in the fridge or freezer prior to serving – ideal for various deserts, cold meats or  seafood appetisers.


1. 2 Tier Slate & Wood Serving Stand

slate tier serving stand. Welsh slate gifts

A great value Welsh slate gift that is perfect for entertaining guests. With two tiers of slate serving trays there is plenty of space for an array of cakes or tapas. And at half the normal retail price at only £19.99 this is a bargain worth snapping up.

2. Welsh slate egg tray

Welsh slate eggs tray. Welsh slate gifts. Welsh gifts ideas

Who isn’t a fan of hard boiled eggs in the morning? And with this great Welsh slate eggs tray you don’t have to worry about your eggs getting cold. Also, with a smart minimalist design it will look elegant on any table.

3. Welsh slate cheese board


welsh slate gifts - cheese plate

This Welsh slate cheese board is the perfect savoury utensil for a Saturday night at home with a DVD, some wine and a nice selection of cheeses. Just pop it in the fridge for a short time before the film, and it will keep your cheeses cold right through to the end credits.

4. Welsh slate placemats


welsh slate placemats

For us the best style of Welsh slate placemat is where it is presented in it’s most natural form. Though embellishments and engravings can look effective, they nevertheless can detract from the charm of the slate’s elegant simplicity.

5. Welsh slate photo frame

slate heart frame. Welsh slate gifts

A thoughtful gift for a loved one is a heart shaped Welsh slate photo frame  – a great way to capture a very special memory. The black slate is an ideal surround that draws the focus on the all important photograph in the centre.


6. Welsh slate soap dish

welsh slate soap tray. welsh slate gifts

As slate is waterproof and easy to clean it is perfect to use as a slate soap dish. So to add a smart contemporary twist to your bathroom, this fine soap dish comes with either ‘soap’ or ‘sebon’ engraved on the side. And if that’s not enough it comes with a free bar of soap!

7. Welsh slate candle holder

welsh slate gifts three candle holder. welsh slate tealight holder

Another good use that Welsh slate can be put to is as a Welsh slate candle/tea-light holder. As slate is fireproof should a candle fall over it adds that extra bit of protection. Moreover any wax that spills onto the slate is easily cleaned. Slate grey provides a perfect contrast to a bright flickering candle and will really set off your living room. Also, the subtleties in the slate’s colour is sure to be shown off to maximum effect.

8. Welsh Slate roof bird table

slate roofed bird table. Welsh slate gifts

This slate roof bird table is sure to attract many visitors to your garden. Made with 100% natural redwood it is a real charmer. It comes with a reinforced base and is 240cm tall.

9. Welsh Slate house sign

welsh slate house sign

As slate is weatherproof and provides a great backdrop for white lettering, a Welsh slate house sign makes a great deal of sense. The company, Welsh slate house signs, based in Pontypridd specialise in making signs that are in accordance with your specifications. From different edges, lettering and much more options to choose – their clear step by step process is sure to help you in purchasing the perfect sign for your home.

10. Welsh slate plant pot set

Ideal for indoors or outdoors this set of three handmade Welsh slate plant pots will really set off the colours of your flowers. The set comes with three different sized square pots and are priced at £55. So if you know a keen gardener and you’re wracking your brains about what to get them, it might be time to nip that worry in the bud!

Other Welsh slate gifts ideas

There are plenty of other ideas that haven’t made our top ten that just might be your perfect Welsh slate gift. For instance
  • A Welsh slate wine rack
  • Welsh slate jewellery
  • Welsh slate teapot stand
  • Welsh slate coasters

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