Welsh love spoons engraved

It has become very popular to have Welsh love spoons engraved. People have taken them to heart and love to give them as gifts to celebrate weddings, a renewing of vows, births, baptisms, graduations, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and other such important life events. Traditionally love spoons in Wales hearken back to the 17th century, but there are few examples of early spoons that have been engraved. The reason for this rarity is unknown, but one explanation may be the lack of literacy amongst the rural poor in Wales.

Techniques for having Welsh love spoons engraved

There are an array of different methods that are utilized to have Welsh love spoons engraved. The most conventional type of engraving would be by means of a hand tool, for example, a chisel or a blade. Three extra techniques are pyro-engraving, laser engraving and CNC engraving. Each sort of engraving is briefly discussed underneath.

Pyro-engraved Love spoons

One option an engraver can choose is the procedure called pyro-engraving. This is an inexpensive method and involves burning the wood by utilizing a pen like device that has a heated tip. This form of engraving requires a steady hand. Moreover it is one of the most traditional methods of the practice.

Welsh love spoons engraved with an engraving pen. Pyro-engraving

Laser engraved Love spoons

A good quality laser engraving machine can be costly but the results can be very impressive. The upsides of engraving with such a machine is it’s pin point accuracy, productivity and it’s broad range of options. Using a wired up PC at only a click of a button there is a choice of depth of cut, size of text, font type and so on. The machine is in no way, shape or form constrained to merely text either. Images such as dragons, daffodils and harps can be engraved too.

CNC engraved Love spoons

With a CNC emgraver as opposed to a laser burning into the love spoon, friction is utilized to cut into the wood using a drill tool. Similarly as with laser engravers there are an extensive variety of options. Moreover the CNC engraver or router as is usually alluded to in the trade can even make 3D carvings.

Welsh love spoons engraved. CNC engraving machine. Personalised Welsh love spoons
CNC engraving machine.

We at Gifts with Heart have picked a quality CNC engraving machine to guarantee we have our Welsh love spoons engraved to a very high standard. We aim to make sure our customers are always satisfied.

Personalised Welsh love spoons

Nowadays personalised Welsh love spoons are engraved with a wide range of different sentiments. Most are engraved with a vital date to commend a specific occasion upcoming along with the names of the central people involved. Some spoons are engraved with a number to celebrate an anniversary or birthday, especially milestone numbers, such as, 5, 18, 21, 40 and 50. Frequently in the instance of celebrating a birth it has become custom to engrave the weight of the infant as well as the time that the baby was born on the Welsh love spoon. Customers sometimes choose well wishing messages. Also the Welsh word for love – ‘cariad’ is popular. What’s more, with the technological development of engraving machines it has become possible to imprint pictures into the wood, for example, dragons, daffodils and Celtic patterns.

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