Welsh ornaments and paperweights

Welsh ornaments

Welsh ornaments provide a great way to celebrate Welshness. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a Welsh gift to give a proud Welsh person. Maybe your friends from abroad have recently visited, and you want to send them something as a memento.

We offer a range of Welsh ornaments that cover a lot of aspects of Welsh culture and identity. We stock

  • Welsh dragon ornaments
  • Welsh miner ornaments
  • Welsh dragon paperweights
  • Welsh dolls
  • Welsh castle ornaments
  • St David’s Cathedral ornaments
  • Welsh slate paperweights

Our ornaments are made using a variety of materials including slate, glass and resin. Most of them come in a quality gift box.

Welsh ornaments

Welsh mugs

If you can’t quite find what you are looking for, then perhaps a Welsh mug will fit the bill. We have a range of sizes including

  • Latte mugs
  • Espresso mugs
  • Cappuccino mugs
  • Standard mugs

Our handmade Welsh pottery mugs are a great option too, at an affordable price. Made in North Wales they are a real treat to have in the cupboard. Their rustic charm fits in with any Welsh home.

Welsh gifts for him

Perhaps you’ve picked one of our Welsh dragon ornaments, but you want something extra for that special dad or uncle. We have a selection of Welsh gifts for him put together just for that requirement.

If you have any questions then please contact us. We offer fast dispatch and regular special offers.