Welsh plaques and signs – widest and best selection

Welsh plaques and signs

We sell a wide range of Welsh plaques & signs in many different formats, including slate, wood, iron and ceramic. Popular favourites include Welsh national anthem plaques, Welsh language slate signs, house number signs, and many more. The plaques come in many shapes, sizes, themes and colours. We offer wall plaques as well as standing plaques perfect to display on the sideboard or window sill.

Welsh language plaques

We sell a wide variety of Welsh language signs for sale including

Ty bach plaque
Metal Croeso plaque
To be born Welsh plaque
my hen wlad fy nhadau plaque
Cariad plaque
Only the Welsh can cwtch plaques
Calon Lan plaque
Happiness is having Welsh friends plaque
I’ll do it now in a minute plaque
Cegin plaque
Mam plaque
Decorative Daffodils plaque
Ffrind plaque
Best teacher plaque
Yr ardd plaque
Welsh dragon plaque
Y gegin plaque
Celtic plaques
and many more

Welsh plaques for the home

Some of the plaques we offer are made by Gifts with heart here in Wales and are exclusive to us. Our laser made wooden dragon or daffodil plaques, for instance, are handmade by us in the workshop. Many of our signs come with jute string attached so that they can easily be hung on the wall, some come with an attached slate stand and others have holes for easy attaching to the wall,