Welsh tapestry gifts

Welsh tapestry gifts

At Gifts with Heart we offer quality Welsh tapestry gifts at affordable prices. Our gifts are all handmade in Wales by Welsh crafts people.

Welsh tapestry patterns were created by the Welsh woollen industry. Traditionally, different patterns were designed for different parts of Wales. The most popular of these patterns today has become the Caernarfon pattern. 

Welsh tapestry blankets

Welsh tapestry blankets are known for their quality and warmth. There are many still in circulation and being used that are over a hundred years old or some are collected and recycled into new blankets or cushion covers. The patterns are often quite simple which fits in well with  contemporary design. The blankets did fall out of fashion for some time but have seen a massive revival in recent decades.

The blankets are double woven and come with a different colour scheme on each side. Moreover the double weave means they are thick and warm. A great addition to the house to get one through those cold Welsh winters. To learn more about what is so special about Welsh blankets please read our blog.

Welsh gift sellers have adopted the pattern for an array of household items including cushions, pottery, lampshades, rugs, and tea cosies. Furthermore, the tapestry design is used in clothing and accessories such as scarves and bags.

Welsh tapestry gifts

The gifts provide a great homage to Welsh arts and crafts and add a nostalgic dose of Welsh tradition and culture to a household.

Melin Tregwynt and Trefriw woollen mills

Several Welsh mills still operate using traditional methods to continue the Welsh blanket making industry. Melin Tregwynt for instance have contracts with large UK retailers and employ 30 people. If you would like to know more about the remaining Welsh mills still operating, we have written a visitor’s guide.

Welsh rugs

Some of the mills such as Solva Woollen mill continue to weave Welsh rugs with the Caernarfon tapestry design. As with the blankets, the rugs are reversible with a different colour on each side.  A perfect way to freshen up your living room, with a change of colour every once in a while. The rugs are made with 100% British wool.

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